Having a landscape that breaks the mold of boring design is a lot easier than you think when you call us!

Plants are certainly necessary elements in the landscape, but when it comes to solving problems, enhancing spaces, and adding practical elements, landscaping decisions are key.  Michael Bennardo Landscape & Design has the strategies and ideas for landscaping to tackle nearly every size and shape, front, back or side of your yard.  Plants can be tricky, a couple of mistakes and your plants are done for, let us help make the whole process easier and more rewarding.  Most homeowners want at least part of the yard to provide privacy for family and friends, which is why we’ve gathered great landscaping solutions for bumping up to sanctuary in your yard.


Structures Pergolas, Decks, Patios – can be great additions to nearly every landscape, and you will find inspiration on how and where we use them, as well as how versatile they are.

Color and Texture The splash of quick color, whether from flowers on foliage, captures attention and directs the eye.  You can use color intentionally to command attention or guide foot traffic or you can just have fun with it positioning it to fill the growing season with sizzle.

Add beauty and texture to your landscape with leafy and flowering perennials,  annuals and grasses.   You don’t need big showy flowers to create a garden bed that vibrates with color. Use leafy perennials to plant a quilt of subtle color and eye-catching texture.


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